My Name is Ivan

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SKU: BD0367  |  ISBN: 9781916316485

Pierre Cartigny is back from the War in which he has served courageously. The former Lieutenant is now living with his mother and brothers and sisters in the Belgian countryside where he distinguishes himself as a doctor to the local poor.

One day just before Christmas, Pierre discovers a little boy in the snow, almost dead from cold and exhaustion. When the young doctor brings him home to take care of him, he soon discovers to his astonishment that the boy is a Russian, called Ivan. He then realizes that Ivan is on the run from the Bolsheviks who are mysteriously determined to capture and kill him.

The future is uncertain for the little Russian. Will he manage to escape from his enemies and will he ever meet his dear mother again? How will his sudden arrival in the Cartigny household change the lives of Pierre, Agnès, Gerald and Roger?

In this beautiful tale, Father Hublet makes adventure blend with everyday life, and the ordinary with the extraordinary, while heroism and virtue struggle against cowardice and weakness.

Father Albert Hublet was a Belgian Jesuit who wrote novels for children. 

Age-group: 12 years and up.  Paperback  262 pages

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