Mystery Of Freemasonry Unveiled


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Originally published in 1925, this book remains the best summary and reference book on the deceits and evils of Masonry. Exposes the worldwide plans for the destruction of the Christian order, as well as its anti-Catholic fury throughout the world.

Covers all aspects of Masonry, Satanic societies, the use of Masonry as an Instrument of Judaism and a resume of condemnations of Masonry by the Church. Focuses on principles not conspiracy theories. Highly recommended by Cardinals Benlloch and Billot. Many references. This is a classic!

Cardinal Caro y Rodriguez challenges us to put his book to the test:

"It is preferable to allow each reader to substantiate for himself his observations of people and their actions that come within the circle of his own experience, never forgetting... that in Masonry there are serious and sincere persons who are unaware of its objectives or of its works and who are not regulating their lives according to the influence of the Masonic doctrine and spirit.

"Readers will say whether there is sufficient proof of the general affirmation, which is here made concerning the universal deception through which Masonry gains and holds its initiates, and indoctrinates deeply and at times forcibly regarding their real plans for the destruction of the Christian order, and the banishment of the very name of Christ, and even of God, all of which is proposed either openly or covertly, according to circumstances. The readers will also tell whether or not what they see and know of Masonry and its works corroborates my statements."

Covers the following topics in 186 short and easy to follow chapters:

  • The Organization of Masonry
  • Masonic Secrets & Oaths
  • The Objective of Masonry
  • Formation & Function of Lodges
  • Masonic Instruction
  • Masonry & Catholicism
  • Masonic Religion
  • Masonry & Politics
  • Masonic Ideals of Liberty, Equality & Fraternity
  • Masonry & Morals
  • Masonry & Benevolence
  • Masonry's Philosophical & Social Doctrines
  • Summary of the anti-Masonic Congress of Trent
  • Origin of Masonry
  • Masonry & Judaism
  • Masonic Deceptions
  • Co-Masonry & the Clubs
  • Why does the Church Universally Condemn Masonry?
  • Summary of the Church's Condemnations of Masonry
  • Civil Condemnations of Masonry.

256 pp. Softcover.