Mystery Of The Crown Of Thorns

A Passionist Father

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This book will help you to understand something of the true ugliness of sin and the awesome price Our Lord had to pay in conquering it.

A reprint of an 1879 book written by a member of the religious order raised up to teach the mysteries of the passion and death of our Divine Savior. Did you know there was an Office and Mass of the Crown of Thorns celebrated the First Friday of Lent? Or that the most striking figures of the Crown of Thorns are pointed out in the Old Testament?

The actual history of the whereabouts of this crown of torture are related, as well as the crown seen in the vision of Blessed Anna Maria Taigi and impressed on the Sacred Heart as manifested to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. Fifty illustrious saints have glorified it with their devotion and sufferings, and several have displayed visible signs on their brow. The Crown of Thorns is filled with enormous significance as it relates to the Jews, to Adam and Eve, to Moses, Abraham and Isaac, to name but a few examples from the Old Testament.

302pp, sewn softcover.