Novena to St. Joseph

Fr. Louis Lallemant, S.J.

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Saint Joseph is patron of the Universal Church. He therefore has a special interest in the needs of all. In Nazareth, the Son of God was subject to him as His foster father. In heaven St. Joseph’s prayers and requests are regarded by Christ as “commands.”

This form of novena was originally devised by the celebrated Fr. Louis Lallemant, S.J. (1587-1633). It has proved particularly effective in obtaining favors through the intercession of St. Joseph. This saintly priest and great master of the spiritual life, to whom St. Joseph never refused anything he asked, ensures those that make this novena that they will obtain everything they ask through the intercession of this great saint if, in turn, they will show him special honor and spread devotion to him among others.

54 pp. softcover

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Customer Reviews

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Joseph Igbeyi
Excellent Efficacious Novena to St Joseph

I purchased 3 copies and i shall definitely purchase more by God's Grace. While the Saints are efficacious in certain cases, St Joseph is efficacious in all cases, especially housing,work and finances all according to the Divine Will and Providence of God. This form of novena originally by Fr Louis Lallemant(1587-1633) consists in turning to St Joseph 4 times daily for 9 days and is extremely efficacious. Try it and experience the difference.

Donna Becker
Wonderful & Inspiring

This pamphlet is composed of 9 daily meditations. Each day is composed of 4 parts: Fidelity to Grace, Fidelity to the Interior Life, Devotion to Our Lady, and Devotion to the Divine Child. Each of the 4 parts explains in a short story how St. Joseph exhibited that particular aspect. Every night, I slowly read one day consisting of the 4 parts and pray after each part a short prayer asking St. Joseph's intercession. Although I have completed this Novena many times, every night it seems fresh and new. I wish I could explain this better, but it is as if each night, I have a new deeper understanding and appreciation of that virtue of St. Joseph. It is mysterious to me, why it doesn't get repetitious, but it is deeply interesting and thought provoking and wonderful every night. It has deepened my prayer life. I think everyone should experience this remarkable and beautiful Novena.