Ordo 2024

Romanitas Press LLC

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This indispensable guide for following the calendar rubrics of the traditional 1962 Roman Missal and Breviary is valuable for priests, seminarians, MCs, sacristans and even the laity.

In addition to the typical Ordo entries this version offers some unique features such as:
  • Listings of proper feasts observed in the USA, Canada, Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales), Australia and New Zealand
  • Options for special Votive and Requiem Masses
  • Pulpit announcements for liturgical year
  • Excerpts from Rubricae Generales section
  • Decrees for American dioceses
  • Intentions and prayers for Octave of Unity
  • Act of Reparation to Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • Consecration of Human Race to Sacred Heart
  • Rite of St. Blaise Blessing of Throats
  • Notes for annual ceremonies (Candlemas, Holy Week, etc.)
  • and more!