Peace Of Soul

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Written in 1949, Sheen offers in this book a way for man to bring peace to his soul. He asks us to stop blaming our subconscious for all our ills and to examine instead our conscience; to turn away from the psychoanalyst and turn to God. He defines Freudianism as a revolution against the restraining influences of society. He tears the masks from the false gods of rationalized self indulgence and misguided social reform, and explains spiritual discipline and Divine authority as means to greater freedom.

...Peace of Soul shows I that inner conflicts can be resolved only through their redemption by God. Those who wonder at the frequent successes of the author in bringing well-known persons into the Catholic Church will find in these chapters an interesting reflection of his persuasion.
-The New York Times Book Review

Many readers will find this to be the book they have been waiting for ... it could ... be classed as required reading for all psychiatrists and as recommended reading for all persons who are searching for peace of soul.
- Booklist

[Sheen] begins his book where the readers of self-improvement volumes seem to feel most at home: the realm of psychology.... The psychiatrist's patient may indeed gain peace of mind, but the Christian gets something far better - peace of soul.
- Time Magazine

The writing is clear and forceful, the logic frequently brilliant.... This is a rewarding experience for any reader and those of other religions or of none will enjoy it even when in disagreement.
- Catholic World

Not only Catholics but all who are interested in discovering what is the point of view of one of our leading Catholic thinkers will be interested in this book.
- Kirkus

280 pages, softcover

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Marilyn Romeo
fulton j. sheen, the prophet

So, at 78 years of age, I have came across Fulton J. Sheen's masterpiece, Peace of Soul, once again . . . At this point in my life, I realize how prophetic he was. This is a perfect guideline to get us through the times we are in.