PELAYO: King of Asturias

Catholic Vitality Press

SKU: 9201  |  ISBN: 9780979630170

There are many tales in history that illustrate for modern man how men once conducted themselves according to the Medieval Code of Chivalry. This is the story of Pelayo, a story of remarkable courage, encompassing elements of chivalry and knighthood, that is not much remembered in our own day. It is the story of how one man’s faith and determination saved Spain.

Confronted by an adversary so ruthless and powerful that any resistance would seem futile and even unreasonable, yet Pelayo's hope and great faith remained with him. After everything had been taken away from him, his family, his Church, his country, resistance was all he had left except his courage, his faith and a stubborn refusal to surrender – even though his defiance would surely lead to his utter ruin.

With amazing tenacity, and faith, Pelayo accomplished far more than anyone, himself included could have reasonably expected. Our only conclusion is that his achievements are proof not only of his outrageous audacity, but are nothing less than the direct result of Divine Providence and intervention.

Pelayo's resistance initiated the nearly 800-year-long Reconquista to take back his country from the ruthless invader who had conquered his homeland and sought to erase Spanish culture and the Catholic Faith. His actions would lay the foundations of a Kingdom for Christ that would eventually reach around the world and spread the Catholic faith to millions of souls.

Ages 12 and up Paperback  208 pages