Prophetic Messages for Our Times - A Journey of Faith in the Infinite Mercy of God

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A Message for Our Times

In a world lost in darkness and confusion, our merciful God refuses to give up or abandon His beloved people. Even in these times of worldly skepticism and sinfulness, He continues to reach out through modern-day prophecies, revealed to His chosen messengers through the appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Four Apparitions

Prophetic Messages for Our Times, by best selling author E. Mary Christie, provides a brief and profound history and meaning of four of the most relevant Marian apparitions for our day: Quito, La Salette, Lourdes, and Fatima. The messages of Our Lady, while sometimes dire, offer hope and consolation to the faithful, yet more importantly reveal sure remedies for overcoming the evils of today and innumerable graces to those that follow her direction.

Our Mediatrix and Mother

How fortunate we are to have such a Blessed Mother, so desirous to draw souls into the heavenly embrace of her Divine Son.

125 pp. Softcover. 

Customer Reviews

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Lisa McQuarrie
Prophetic Messages for Our Times

This book is excellent as it clearly and beautifully shows us how The Mercy of God continues to lovingly warn us all of the times to come, and how His compassion comes directly through the vitally important prophecies of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Very well written, with wonderful illustrations, a book to read many times over, to always reflect on Our Mother’s dire warnings.💙

Lisa McQuarrie
Sacred “Gem” for all time!

Prophetic Messages For Our Times is an absolute Sacred “Gem!”
Written with true love and devotion, each prophecy, is given to us clearly and accurately.
An essential tool and gift for everyone!❤️❤️❤️

Maria C
Scholarly and uplifting!

With all the news swirling around about prophecies, even though we have read about most of the appearances in this book, I decided that we had to sit down and review all of the apparition stories. The author has given just enough information and descriptions that we can be at once uplifted and strengthened in our love of our Heavenly Mother, learn exactly what is known to be true and learn why the information is reliable. I like having all four apparitions in one short book as I can get through it in a couple of weeks of short readings with my kids.

Denise Dupuis
Our Lady Brings Hope

Here is a wonderful collection of some of the approved apparitions of Our Lady by the Catholic Church... each and every story will show you the love of a mother to her children. How Our Lady always leads us back to Jesus and how she comes for each one of us and intercedes before God for our needs and petitions... Very easy to read and understand a book for your shelf! I manage a catholic store and it sells well!!

Janet McKenzie
Time of Mercy

In this thoroughly researched and well-written book, E. Mary Christie has given us not only timely messages from our Blessed Mother but also important remedies to invoke for the evils of our day. I was especially interested to read the messages of our Lady of Good Success—messages given almost four hundred years ago but linked prophetically to our current times. If we hold, as St. Faustina was told by our Lord, that we are living in the time of mercy, we cannot despair of the news and culture of our day. This book gives us hope to trust in the mercy of God and the intercession of His Mother. Perhaps by reading this enlightening book, you will be aroused to consecrate yourself to our Mother Mary and to join the ranks of St. Louis de Montfort’s “Apostles of the Latter Times.”