Protestantism as Seen by GK Chesterton


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An easy to read book that effortlessly pierces through the objections of the failed protestant reform while simultaneously introducing the reader to Chesterton’s irresistible charm and ruthless wit, which has become so beloved the world-over. 

If you want to better understand why the Catholic Church stands impervious to the attacks leveled against it by protestants of all sects, this book is sure to delight, inform, and elevate the mind to God. 

A delightful collection of Chesterton's own words on the failed protestantism reform. 

Paperback: 146 pages 

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"Amid the enthusiastic celebrations of the last five hundred years of the Protestant Reformation, it seems wise to invite a “heavy” witness to weigh in on these questionable festivities.  

Who could be more entitled to take part in such anniversary than a former liberal anti-dogmatic Protestant, who successively became an Anglican, a Unitarian, a modernist, an agnostic and an Anglo-Catholic, but who at last would finally become, once and for all, a Roman Catholic?

Though G. K. Chesterton offers not only a “heavy” but indeed a very “jolly” testimony, his thoughts on this matter may spoil the laughter of some of the celebrants of the current anniversary. Nonetheless, the unsettling genius of Chesterton needs no lawyer’s defense. He defends it better in his own rather amusing way, thundering a sharp wake-up call to our intellectual lethargy."

A must have, highly enjoyable read from polish, catholic author.                                           Dr. Wojciech Golonka.

Wojciech Golonka, born in 1984, received his doctorate of Philosophy in 2013 from the Jagellonian University in Cracow. His research focuses on Thomism and Catholic philosophy in the 20th century. When not writing, Dr. Golonka works as a professional guide in the historical Salt Mine of Wieliczka, a UNESCO site. He co-translated several of Gilbert Chesterton’s works from English to French. His thesis was published in 2016 by Éditions du Cerf in Paris under the title “Gilbert Keith Chesterton. Portrait philosophique d’un écrivain 1874-1936” (423 pages).

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