Rosary Album

Loretta Cornett

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A top favorite of young children and adults! Booklet includes over 200 original black and white illustrations (one for each bead!) by Mr. Michael Buccino. The artist began these drawings to help his children meditate more easily on the Rosary. "I came up with the idea that if they had a book with pictures it might keep their minds on meditating while they were praying and would be better able to concentrate on the Rosary. So I got started working on the Rosary Album, which took me 18 years to put together. The book has brought the rosary to life."

There is a picture and scripture verse for each bead. The Litany of Our Lady (with illustrations) is also woven into each mystery. For all ages.

72 pp.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome Visual Rosary Meditation Booklet

This is one of the best visual Rosary meditation guides ever!

If you like silent visual meditation and just looking at tasteful pictures while praying the Marian Rosary, this is the guide for you!

I plan on buying more copies in the future!

If there is only ONE Rosary meditation guide you can afford on Angelus Press, buy this booklet!


This is my favorite rosary book. It has scriptural pictures and readings for each bead. I am so glad I found it again!

Wolfgang Kraus
Text almost illegible

I to received a white book, not blue as pictured. Text is almost illegible, but I didn't read reviews before placing order. I believe I probably would have still ordered anyways for the awesome illustrations.

Poor Quality Print

The book I received was white, not blue as pictured. The pictures and text were blurred and faded, very poor print quality. I have always loved this book, and it was very disappointing to receive a pale and illegible imitation. Angelus Press should review this product and find a better replacement, or at least post pictures that honestly portray its present quality.

A true treasure

I am 42 years old and received this book only a short time ago. For the first time in my life I can say a rosary and not be distracted by wondering thoughts. I have now used it countless times and still find it as helpful as when I first used it. The scriptures along with the pictures really help me to meditate on each decade. I look forward to saying the rosary so much now and the time just flies by. Every Catholic should have a copy.