Rosary Warfare / HB

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This book contains numerous ways of praying the Rosary with many beautiful colored pictures of stained glass windows to inspire you.

Specially included are a Douay-Rheims Scriptural Rosary, two additional Rosary formats with meditations for each Hail Mary, the Rosary with added prayers to each Hail Mary, a Latin Vulgate Rosary and a Gregorian Chant Rosary.

This book will be a great help for anyone wanting to meditate well upon the mysteries of the Rosary whether privately, with family or parish.

160 pp. 7 3/8" x 4 1/4" x 1/2". Sewn hardcover. 

Customer Reviews

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A More Positive Explanation Of The Title Is Needed!

I like everything in this book EXCEPT the explanation of the title which could have been better written with glowing positivity. I could have written a better start!

The first page starts off with a reminder of heresies that warred against the Catholic Church. Why spoil the mood and name an active threat as if the publisher wants to promote that growing false belief system that continues to war against the Church today? By naming something, you are promoting that evil name even if you did not have that intention. Why start off this good book with threats and spoil the mood for positive meditation? How would it help all the victims of terrorism who have to reminded of the name of that terroristic devilish belief system?

Non-vigilant Catholic culture led to poor catechesis then and now. That allowed the rise of historical heresies, then and now. Catholics today are still not interested in studying Catholic Apologetics and have been mostly losers in wars. If you want to do "warfare", spend some years actually handling real world weapons, as much as you pray the Rosary.

This Marian Rosary meditation book offers 3 ways to meditate on every Mystery of the Marian Rosary. They include a variety of meditational written texts. A Latin chant meditation is included too. 1 colored visual picture introduces every mystery of the Marian Rosary in this book.

I would recommend "Rosary Album" as a better alternative if you need more visual pictures in a Rosary meditation guide.

Lori Grieshammer
Rosary Warfare Book my "go to" mediation book!

I have had many Rosary books over the years but this one is the one I continue to go to over all others. I love the size and feel of it as well as the variety of ways to meditate, all five are fruitful yet short and concise. The artwork is beautiful and helps us to meditate. My husband and I use it together frequently in the evening. We also very much appreciate the use of the Douay Rheimes Bible. I am asking, PLEASE keep this wonderful book in stock! Several times I wanted to purchase for a gift and it is always out of stock!

Joseph Kretschmer
Wonderful aid

Having ordered this book last year and having used it now for six months, I can say that it has been a great help to me in concentrating on the mysteries of the Rosary. I have been Catholic all my seventy plus years and learned the Rosary from my mother who would recite it before we took our nap. I have fifteen years of Catholic school and it has always been a struggle to concentrate on the meditations of the Rosary and this little book helps also with its reproductions from stained glass windows on the mysteries.

Linda Hester
The Rosary book I’ve been looking for!

I absolutely love this Rosary prayer book. I have a couple of other prayer books I use, but this one is the one I’ve been looking for for a long time. I used to pray my rosary without scripture verses, but when I found Praying Your Rosary with St. Louis de Montfort and Pope John Paul II, I found praying my rosary with scripture verses gave me more of a spiritual connection. I read a Douay-Rheims Bible so I wanted a rosary prayer book that used verses from the Douay-Rheims Bible. I guess some would say that’s the “ole” fashion Catholic girl coming out. Anyway, the stain glass pictures in the book are beautiful and they help with reflecting on each mystery. The only bad thing I can say is it doesn’t have the Luminous Mysteries. But like I said, I do have my other booklet that does. If you’re looking for a rosary prayer book, you will not be disappointed with this one.

Thank you Angelus Press for getting this back in stock! God Bless!

Marjorie Shields
Simply The Best!

This beautiful book is absolutely the best of all the Rosary books that I've used. The scriptures for the Rosary using the Douay Rheims Bible are most thoughtfully chosen, the illustrations are a wealth of fruit for meditation, and the "thought" Rosary are all constructed with great care and reverence. Thank you, thank you, Angelus Press, for another gem!