Rules For Discerning Spirits

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Since 1533, the spiritual exercises of Saint Ignatius have been used by millions to deepen their Christian life. This booklet distills the wisdom of the 30-day retreat into 20 principles so you can discern the spiritual influences in your life that are from God from those that are from the devil. Father writes from 40 years of experience as a retreat master.

60 pp. Softcover.

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A weapon against diabolical disorientation

In today's world of confusion the Rules of Discernment given by Our Lady to St. Ignatius are more relevant than ever. Fr. Barrielle explains them in a masterly way. "Rules for Discerning the Spirits," is a short and straightforward book to be read slowly, taken to heart, and applied as needed. An essential Catholic tool to judge of new movements and ideologies or to discover the source of influences encountered in one's spiritual life;

C. Family
J.M.J. Excellent!

We highly recommend it!