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What is the Society of Saint Pius X? What's the story on Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre? Why are these priests saying the Latin Mass? Are they really schismatic or excommunicated? What do they say about the crisis in the Church?

Includes four popular books to answer the questions of those who are new to Tradition:
Most Asked Questions About The Society of Saint Pius X
Open Letter to Confused Catholics
Is Tradition Excommunicated?
Sunday Missal Booklet
Timebombs of the Second Vatican Council

Also includes five great pamphlets:
What is the Society of St. Pius X? Profile of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and the SSPX's apostolate.
Why The Latin Mass? Why Not the New? Reasons why we cannot attend the New Mass.
What is True Obedience? Explains the nature of true obedience.
May I Receive the Sacraments at the SSPX? Declarations from current Church personages dismissing allegations of schism and excommunication.
What is the Position of the SSPX on Vatican II? Provides a simple explanation of these differences, with recommended reading for further study.

Great for apologetics!

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