Set: Proprium De Tempore (2 Volumes)

Achille P. Bragers

SKU: 8378  |  ISBN: 9781011999484

Dr. Bragers organ accompaniment series contains the Proprium de Tempore (Propers of the Seasons), all the Gregorian chant propers for Sundays and seasonal feast days, such as the Introit, Gradual, Alleluia, Tract, Sequence, Offertory, Communion.

First published in 1947, this organ accompaniment book has in modern notation all of the seasonal propers for the liturgical year.

Throughout the entire book, the organ notation is underscored by the Latin words, each hyphenated under the appropriate note.

Handily included at the bottom of each page the English (and French, as this edition was not intended just for Americans) translation of the Latin texts are situated under the notation. Fully indexed, all notations and text are in printed in black ink on medium stock paper to ensure durability, while the spacious comb-binding gives the organist easy and quick access.

436pp.,2 Volumes, Softcover