Set: Tales Of Foreign Lands (3 Volumes)

Fr. Joseph Spillmann

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Fr. Joseph Spillmann was born in 1842 at Zug, Switzerland, and joined the Jesuits in 1874. His Tales of Foreign Lands series contains 21 booklets, consisting of edifying and tastefully illustrated stories for the young. They have been translated into many languages. Newly reprinted by Angelus Press.

Tales of Foreign Lands, Volume 1

Love Your Enemies. The Maoris of New Zealand have had enough of being cheated by the English and rebel. Meanwhile, the Patrick O’Neal family is overtaken by a marauding tribe and must flee for their lives.

Maron. It is Lebanon in 1860, the Mufti of Sidon incites the mob to kill the Christians even as his son helps his Christian friend flee to the hills.

The Festival of Corpus Christi. Don Pedro and his nephew have arrived to shut down the Jesuit missions in Bolivia. But they discover a village where the Indians are living a civilized, Christian life.

The Cabin Boys. Paul and Albert embark as cabin boys on a sea voyage with an unusual cargo: priests, condemned to forced labor in Cayenne.

320 pp. Softcover. STK# 8409


Tales of Foreign Lands, Volume 2

The Shipwreck.The world of the Irish lad Willy Brown is turned upside-down when his sinister uncle appears on the doorstep.

Crosses and Crowns. The Christian spirit shines through where bloody persecution is still a threat to those who hold the faith of Christ.

Prince Arumugam. The progress of Arumugam towards Christianity, and his courage to profess his beliefs in the face of his father’s opposition.

The Pirate’s Prisoner. Francesco goes to await his father’s return from the sea. Instead of meeting his father, pirates carry him off to their ship.

332 pp. Softcover. STK# 8455


Tales of Foreign Lands, Volume 3

Three Indian Tales. “Namameha and Watomilka”; “Tahko, the Young Indian Missionary”; “Father Rení’s Last Journey”

The Yang Brothers. The four sons of the old fisherman Yang find themselves on opposite sides when the eldest joins with the “Large Knife” Society to drive out the Christians active in late 19th-century China.

The Queen’s Nephew. In 1551, an event occurs that leads to a powerful struggle at Siwan’s court between the king and his queen.

Children of Mary. A Polish soldier on the run from the Russians gives children Mara and Marjub a way back to the faith.

336 pp. Softcover. STK# 8478