Sisinono #74 Mar 2007

Angelus Press

SKU: PSSN070374

ISLAM: AN UNABRIDGEABLE ABYSS: The daily unfolding of events invites us to state the fundamental choice upon which Catholics and Moslems will be judged at death, namely, the Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Putting it thus, we find ourselves before the insuperable abyss that separates Islam from the Catholic Faith; and no ecumenical intention, no matter how well-meaning, can efface or fill this chasm. The two "revelations" clash on this point and with such opposition about the essential that necessarily one must be entirely true and the other entirely false. THE BLACK LEGENDS: For years, the dominant history in America has told stories of the Spanish settlers as cruel opportunists who came to the New World and subjugated the peaceful and naturally good natives who lived here. But does this theory hold up to intense scrutiny? And what do we truly know of the indigenous people here?

8 pages