Sisinono #87 July 2009

Angelus Press

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"The Blindness of Catholics: Part 2"

  • "Russia Will Spread Her Errors in the World": The Ostpolitik of John XXIII and the Principle of the New Concordats.
  • The New Tack of the Vatican's Ostpolitik: John XXIII
  • The Metz Accord
  • Vatican Council II
  • The Encyclical Pacem in Terris
  • Open Doors to International Communism
  • "They Shut Their Eyes"

"Political Modernism: The Negation of the Kingship of Jesus Christ"

  • The Cause of the Evil Enveloping the Modern World: Laicism
  • Christ is King
  • Humanity Needs Christ the King
  • Christ the King of Minds and Hearts
  • How to Restore the Social Reign of Christ
  • The Common Duties of Intellectuals and Rulers
  • The Peril Hanging over Humanity