Sisinono #90 January 2010

Angelus Press

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On The Living Magisterium and Living Tradition: Towards a "Thomistic Reception" of Vatican II

Part II:

The Speech on December 22, 2005
  • Benedict XVI and the "Hermeneutic of Reform"
  • The Council's Actual Intention
  • Rupture or Continuity?
  • Relativity and Relativism
  • The Continuity of Faith and Reason according to St. Thomas
  • The Rupture of Relativism in the Thought of Benedict XVI
  • The Real Significance of the Speech of December 22, 2005
Part III

The New Relativism of Living Tradition
  • Tradition Redefined
  • A Coherent Discourse, but Contrary to the Church's Teaching
  • An Unchangeable Tradition and a Living Magisterium
  • From the Living Magisterium to the New Living Tradition