Soul Of The Apostolate

J-B Chautard, O.C.S.O.

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Favorite book of Pope St. Pius X!

We congratulate you sincerely upon having brought out so clearly the absolute necesity of the interior life for those engaged in good works, a life so necessary for the success of their ministry. - Pope Benedict XV to the author

In this age of relentless activity, it is easy for Christians, particularly those involved in good works, to fall into the pattern of the activist. But mere activity and material results are not sufficient for a successful apostolate.

Dom Chautard demonstrates that the very foundation of all apostolic work must be the Interior Life. The apostle of Christ will grow to become an instrument and true channel of God's graces to the world only through prayer, meditation and the cultivation of the Interior Life. When one is involved in works of spiritual or corporal charity, his work can only be truly efficacious when he anchors his Interior Life in Christ. Without Christ, we can do nothing.

Dom Chautard will teach you:

  • The pre-eminence of the Interior Life over the Active Life (the anti-thesis of the core error of Americanism according to Pope Leo XIII in Longinqua Oceana).
  • The dangers of the Active Life: for you and your apostolate.
  • The Devil's special temptations for those working for Our Lord.
  • The steps necessary in order to develop and grow in the Interior Life.
  • The necessity of the Interior Life to a successful and spiritually fruitful apostolate.

For anyone who would work for Our Lord and His Church, there is simply no book more important to read and to follow than The Soul of the Apostolate

336 pages, softcover

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Paul Wiswall
When the time is right…

God provides always. I am not very far into the book yet, but it is exactly what I need to help direct me deeper with Him internally, so that I can be properly guided to provide externally to and for the Church.