Sources Of Catholic Dogma

Heinrich Denzinger

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In this age of doctrinal confusion there is a pressing need for a comprehensive source book on authentic Catholic dogma that carries the full weight of the Magisterium of the Church while at the same time both practical and handily accessible to clergy and laity alike. You have such a book in this English translation of Father Heinrich Denzinger's Enchiridion Symbolorum et Definitionum, or, as we more commonly know it Sources of Catholic Dogma, or simply "Denzinger".

Since it was first published a century and a half ago, this handbook or collection (enchiridion) of articles (symbols) of faith and morals has enjoyed universal appeal and approbation since the pontificate of Blessed Pope Pius IX. The book has been updated periodically; this is the 1957 edition. The collection includes all articles and creeds of the Catholic Faith beginning with that of the twelve apostles, all dogmatic definitions stamped with the Petrine authority of the Apostolic See (ex cathedra), decrees of the solemn Magisterium, papal bulls, encyclicals and letters, as well as some of the more weighty decisions of the Holy Office prior to 1957.

Although not every entry in this 653 page compendium of Church teaching is definitional (i.e., ex cathedra), it still should be considered the final word on doctrinal questions, especially in these times of ecclesiastical anarchy. In addition to a general index there is a scriptural index plus an invaluable systematic or topical index making for very easy reference.

Note, too, this 1957 edition comes with a one page Corrigenda which is a list of sixteen corrections that must be applied to errors (usually omissions) that escaped the eyes of editors in previous editions, such as the 1954 edition which is also currently being sold by some Catholic booksellers.

Caveat Emptor! (Buyer beware!) Be sure to purchase the 1957 edition, not any previous editions as they will lack the corrections page and therefore be incomplete.

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