St. Gerard Majella


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ST. GERARD MAJELLA: The Wonder-Worker Patron of Expectant Mothers

Millions of expectant mothers pray for his intercession and wear his medal, but few of us know much about him. St. Gerard died of tuberculosis at 29 years of age while a lay brother in the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorists), where he achieved great sanctity.

A tailor by profession before he entered the Redemptorist order at the age of 26, St. Gerard became famous for his miracles, cures, charity, ecstasies, mortifications, purity, obedience, discernment of spirits, infused knowledge, prophecies, knowledge of distant events, bilocations, and power over nature, the human heart - and even the Devil!

The author also describes the saint's death, funeral, miracles after his death, his beatification and canonization, plus, the widespread devotion to him that soon sprang up everywhere.

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