Talks on the Mass

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Another classic from Fr. Arthur Tonne!

"'I wish I knew more about the Mass.' Talks on the Mass attempts to satisfy that frequently and fervently expressed desire."

Thus does Fr. Arthur Tonne introduce readers to his 1950 classic on the Holy Mass according to the traditional Roman Rite.

In his typical witty and easy conversational style, Fr. Tonne takes the reader on a tour de force as he explains within 58 chapters the various parts of the Mass and even some ancillary matters, such as “Altar Decorations”, “Why Latin?” and the “Best Way to Attend Mass” (see the Table of Contents images for details).

This book of Talks—or explanations—will certainly help to reinforce this succinct observation of Fr. Tonne:

“Indeed, there is nothing nobler, more precious, more valuable, more Divine than the Sacrifice of the Mass.”

188 pages, softcover.