Television: The Soul At Risk

Isabelle Dore,

SKU: 8470  |  ISBN: 9781892331823

Television. There are few technological inventions that have had such universal impact in the past century. But what should we think about this phenomenon, especially from a Catholic perspective? A brief study such as this helps demonstrate that, indeed, it is something which puts "the soul at risk." Sooner or later, we all have to make choices: Television in the home or not? Moderate use or not? Grudging toleration or opposition with all one's might? The best thing to do in making a choice is to consider all the aspects of television and audiovisual media in general. Movies, videos, and DVDs are in various ways both alike and different from TV.

How does television affect the intellect's capacity to apprehend what is true? How does television affect the will's capacity to love what is good? These questions and more are answered inside.

80 pp. Color Softcover.