The Case for Liturgical Restoration

Joseph Shaw

SKU: 8841  |  ISBN: 9781621384410

The Case for Liturgical Restoration, which gathers the complete and definitive texts of the “position papers” of the International Federation Una Voce, tackles the questions:
What is the point of the “Extraordinary Form”? What is its rationale? What can it contribute to the life of the Church here and now?

Taking up one by one the most controversial topics in liturgy today—among them, active participation, the role of the laity, eastward orientation, extensive silence, the use of Latin and Gregorian chant, male-only service of the sanctuary, communion kneeling and on the tongue, the calendar, the lectionary, veiling, fasting, etc.—the chapters argue that the traditional  Roman Rite has its own internal logic, its own way of offering worthy worship to God and of sanctifying souls.

It is a way often notably distinct from that of the reformed liturgy, and for this reason much in danger of being misunderstood or missed entirely by the casual critic.

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