The Children of Fatima

Fr. Karl Stehilin, SSPX

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The life that the three children led after Our Lady’s appearance to them is an indirect lesson from heaven for us, but a very practical one. It teaches us that when heaven appears on earth, what is of the earth is transformed by heaven’s light. When Our Lady appears to a human being, that person becomes a vessel to whom the light and graces of Our Lady are entrusted. The human vessel becomes an instrument for her to continue to pour her grace and mercy into the world. We cannot have a full understanding of Guadalupe without Juan Diego or of Lourdes without Saint Bernadette.

Not only is the eye witness testimony of the visionaries important, but also their words and especially their lives. They are the reflection as of a mirror of her presence on earth.

These living testimonies of her and her message are very important for us, because while we cannot see Our Lady herself, we are able to see the visionaries as reflections of her.