The Death Of Christian Culture

Dr. John Senior

SKU: 8252  |  ISBN: 9781932528152

Dr. Senior deals with the root causes of how and why Christian culture is dying. He approaches the subject through an in-depth study of literature, culture, history, and religion, to alert citizens of the West of what they stand to lose, especially as education ceases to be about the truth, and becomes merely an exercise in bloated bureaucracy. Ultimately, Senior warns that the cultural, literary, artistic, and social treasures of classical and Christian civilization must be preserved and lived, lest they be lost forever.

Senior was an architect of the University of Kansas Integrated Humanities Program, a course that combined aspects of the Socratic and "Great Books" methods. It aimed to convince students by an immersion in the classics of Western thought, art, and literature, that there is a truth worth knowing. It resulted in numerous conversions to Catholicism and was the principal forum in which Senior worked out the keen insights presented in his books.

191pp, Softcover