The King with a Pope in His Belly

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First in the series on the Reformation in England which covers the infiltration of Martin Luther's heresies into England via Thomas Cromwell, Thomas Cranmer and their fellow reformers during the reign of Henry VIII.

If you really want to understand The Reformation, the way it actually happened, this is the book you need. So often, studying history means laboring through long, tedious volumes, filled with facts but not life; not so with this book. Once you pick it up, you will find it hard to put down. It is like reading a great tale of adventure, with real, human characters, not abstract heresies. Instead of a list of dry dates and facts, you will know the major characters almost personally. This book will provide you with a much better, deeper understanding of how The Reformation happened. Even if you already know a fair amount, even if you have read quite a few other good books on the subject, this book will bring it all back to life, and in sharper focus. It is an excellent addition to any bookshelf.

Every History has a history. The art and craft of historiography always carries either the odium of a vindication of its time, or the purposes of the culture from which it arose. Few Histories have been truly objective, written without an eye to propaganda. Even the Catholic Church has suffered from unashamed triumphalism in the works of many of its historians. It has ever been "Victor's History".

As so too the British Empire, where Pax britannica has been the guiding principle of histories that have emanated for nearly five centuries from scholars and the great seats of learning in Britain. Consequently, the history of that period, still with us, is in effect tainted by a justification of Pax anglicana, that is the history of Reformation and post-Reformation England.

164 pp. Softcover.