The Life of St. Francis de Sales

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“I must now quite simply confess that the writing of this book has left me with the conviction that St. Francis de Sales is the greatest of saints—at least for modern times.”
—Michael de la Bedoyere, Author

Meet the saint who wrote the guidebook to holiness.

As a nobleman and Bishop of Geneva, St. Francis de Sales was known for his sincerity, charm, and personal holiness. His most significant work, Introduction to the Devout Life, was an immediate best-seller and has remained so for centuries. This pioneering book showed that the Christian life is not the prerogative of the religious and “pious” but a call to everyone, of whatever rank or state of life, to grow in their faith and devotion to God.

Relying mainly on St. Francis de Sales's letters, Michael de la Bedoyere endeavored to explain this delightful saint's personality, spiritual heroism, charity, and outstanding personal attraction in this exceptional biography.

“So closely did he model his life on Our Lord, as I myself saw, that many a time I asked myself with astonishment how a mere creature could reach to so high a degree of perfection, given human frailty.” —St. Vincent de Paul