The Life of the Venerable Francis Libermann

G. Lee, C.S.Sp

SKU: 8857  |  ISBN: 9781685290436

Francis Libermann led a life characterized by profound contradictions. Born into a Jewish family, he later embraced Catholicism and became a revered Catholic missionary priest, earning recognition as the second founder of the Holy Ghost Fathers. In this compelling literary work, the story of his life unfolds showcasing the unwavering fervor of this dedicated apostle for the salvation of souls. The narrative portrays an inspiring journey of faith and missionary zeal, leaving readers with a profound appreciation for the enduring impact of his unwavering dedication to his vocation.

However, the impact of his holy life and saintly zeal stretches far beyond the souls converted in the missionary fields and affects us as Catholics to this very day.

Though Venerable Francis Libermann died in 1852 his spiritual legacy endured, fostering a young diocesan priest by the name of Marcel Lefebvre, who, over 80 years later was to become the 7th Superior General of the order Venerable Libermann founded. 

The motto of the Holy Ghost Fathers: "Cor Unum et Animam Una," is taken from Acts of the Apostles 4:32. It speaks of the time immediately after the apostles had received the Holy Ghost in the upper room and refers to them as being of "One heart and one soul". This motto, this book, illustrates the spirituality of a saintly founder who also played an instrumental role in the life of one of the most influential men in the post-Vatican II era, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.

333 pp. Hardcover