The Mass: Up-Close in Pictures

Romanitas Press LLC

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The priest's actions during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass are the most sublime on earth. This is especially so in the traditional Roman Rite which minutely prescribes the celebrant's ritualistic motions.


Unfortunately the sacred and profound acts of the traditional Mass are often not readily visible to those in the pews or perhaps occur too quickly to be fully appreciated.


Not anymore! In 80 classic black and white photographs, this new large format (8.5 x 11 inches) pictorial book freezes in time the awesome ritual of the venerable Roman Mass.


Not only do these pictures reveal the priestly actions during Low Mass (some not usually depicted in other pictorial demonstrations), but also from the best vantage points!

Another advantageous feature of these pictures is the use of simple liturgical appointments which help the viewer to focus upon and contemplate the priest's supernatural actions rather than on decorations.

In addition to demonstrating the celebrant's acts during Low Mass, each picture is accompanied with a short description of the ritualistic movement and sometimes an associated prayer from the Mass.

Originally printed in 1944 as a set of cards, never before has this collection of images been available in book format. This project took several years to complete as the vintage pictures had to specially scanned, digitally cleaned and enhanced.

To allow this pictorial book to lay open flat, it was bound as a saddle-stitched softcover (or magazine format). To provide durability (especially when used by children), a heavy stock was employed for both the cover and text pages.

The Mass: Up-Close in Pictures is ideal for any Catholic (lay or cleric) who desires to make a closer examination and appreciation of the ritual of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. But we must especially recommend this pictorial booklet for children, who will be fascinated by the images of the priest's actions frozen in time.

80 pages, softcover, saddle-stitched.