The Mystery of Castle MacGorilla

David Bentley Hart & Patrick Robert Hart

SKU: 8848  |  ISBN: 9781621384878

David Bentley Hart and his son Patrick present this story for children: It is known, of course, that soft toys—teddy bears, cotton-stuffed rabbits, velveteen squids, and the like—are all but incapable of deceit, greed, or criminality. And yet, when the treasure of the ancient MacGorilla clan is stolen from their castle in the Scottish Highlands, it seems that one or more of the soft toys gathered there must surely be the culprit, or culprits. Trapped in the castle with his fellow toys by an unexpected snow storm, one small bear, with the aid of an even smaller pig and an easily distracted ape, must discover where the treasure is and who took it.

Along the way adventures and perils abound: hidden passages, a lost library, a chase through a moonlit maze, flooding stairwells, rubber balls, paper clips, waffles, garbled aphorisms, and ever so much more.

Never has such a weight of responsibility rested upon such soft, fluffy shoulders.

190 pp. Softcover. STK# 8848 $17.95