The New Psalter of the Roman Breviary

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An Aid for Priests and Seminarians
to Pray the Breviary

"Priestly sanctification is quite simple...say the Office piously, and celebrate the Mass with fervor.  Nothing else is required to assure their salvation." - St. Joseph of Cupertino

This is a reprinting of the classic, side-by-side Latin/English edition of the Breviary Psalter, as reformed by Pope St. Pius X. It is intended to aid those who recite the Divine Office in acquiring fluency with the Latin text and greater devotion to this spiritual treasure.

The Divine Office is a source of inexhaustible riches. The seven canonical hours are seven daily visits to the heavenly court during which our voices are united in perpetual adoration; and our prayers ascend mystically in the Golden Censer with those of the Saints.

"There is in the Psalms a certain wonderful power for stimulating zeal in men's minds for all the virtues. For although all our Scripture, both the Old and New, is divinely inspired and useful of doctrine, as it is written, the Book of Psalms, like a paradise contains in itself the fruits of all the others."  - Pope St. Pius X
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