The New Testament (Confraternity)


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This edition of the New Testament is small enough (and sturdy enough) to hold up even when it's tucked into a crowded pocket or purse! As such, it's perfect to carry with you for those moments in line or in waiting rooms when you can take some time for a moment's consolation from the Word of God. A reprint of the reliable Confraternity edition published in 1941, the type in this pocket - size volume is large enough to read with ease. This edition also features a convenient ribbon placemarker.

701 pp. Blue Leatherette cover.

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Confraternity New Testament

Helpful service from the staff and the product was exactly what I needed. This is a good New Testament that is very easy to pick up and read throughout the day. I highly recommend to have some copies at home for whoever might use it!

pray everything will turn to into the lords hands together amen

love anna,
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cause we pray why we think twice about our life why together or not?

Paula Traverzo
Highly recommend!

Perfect for daily use, with each day's reading marked with the date. Print is very readable even in this small edition. It's also sturdy and should hold up to years of regular use. Especially love the fact that it's a reprint from a 1941 edition. I have many of the little books published by the Confraternity of the Precious Blood; these volumes are worth owning. Highly recommend.