The Realist Guide to Religion and Science


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Why do some religious believers slaughter those who refuse to convert to their faith, refuse scientific evidence for an ancient universe, or hold God to be an utterly arbitrary being? Why do some scientists believe that universes pop into existence from nothing, that aliens seeded life on earth, or that fish turn into reptiles by chance processes? The answer, for both, is the same: the abandonment of realism, the human way for knowing reality. In The Realist Guide to Religion and Science, Fr Robinson explains what realism is all about, then undertakes an historical exploration to show how religion and science become irrational when they abandon realism and how they are intellectually fruitful when they embrace it.

  • “With this volume, the student will be able to safely navigate through the busy halls of philosophy.” Fr Joseph Azize, Ph.D (University of Sydney), Honorary Associate, Dept of Studies in Religion, University of Sydney; Adjunct Assoc. Prof. University of Notre Dame, Australia.
  • The Realist Guide to Religion and Science is an historical and radically interdisciplinary work that provides clear answers to the intellectual confusion that besieges the modern world.” Dennis Bonnette, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy, (Retired, Niagara University)
  • “Fr Robinson knows that talking about the absoluteness of truth is not very pleasant to a modern scholar … but it is – de facto – a very scholarly thing to do. In my opinion, the author of the ‘Guide’ deserves praise for this attempt.” Jakub Taylor, Ph.D. (Seoul National University), Prof. Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea

Fr. Paul Robinson, a native of Kentucky, USA, received a Masters in Engineering Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Louisville. After two years in the field, he entered St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary to discern his vocation. Since his ordination into the priestly fraternity of the Society of St. Pius X in 2006, he has been teaching Thomistic philosophy and theology at Holy Cross Seminary in Australia. Visit his site here to learn more.

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