The Rest of the Story eBook (full)

Angelus Press

SKU: EB8793  |  ISBN: 978-1-949124-92-7

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I am convinced that the Archbishop will occupy a major position in the history of post-conciliar Catholicism. The reason I believe this is that he had the courage and foresight to take the practical steps to preserve the traditional Faith. - Michael Davies 1979


Few have heard the story of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. Fewer still know that he was a missionary in the fields of Africa, Bishop of Dakar or even that he was made the head of the international priestly order of the Holy Ghost Fathers. This is that story. 


For nearly two thousand years the Catholic Mass was said in the same manner everywhere in the western world, regardless of nation or nationality. In the 20th century that ceased to be true. Changes that began far earlier culminated in the Second Vatican Council and resulted in the creation of a new theology, the effect of which was a new form of worship. 


Seminarians of the 1960s and 70s who wished to remain faithful to the unchanging Traditions, and Teachings of the Church were ostracized from modern seminaries. It was these faithful seminarians who went in search of a bishop to educate and form holy Catholic priests. It was these seminarians who convinced Marcel Lefebvre to leave retirement and create the Priestly Society of St. Pius X. The monumental nature of this achievement is difficult to comprehend, for by preserving the Eternal Priesthood he preserved the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. This action impacted countless souls in ways we can only imagine.


“The Rest of the Story” is an essential book for the Catholic readers of today as it provides a brief historical and liturgical-political backdrop for some of the most pivotal events of the 20th century - the effects of which we, as Catholics, are still experiencing today. 


While those that have read the near-1000-page biography by the same author will not find anything new in this book, they will find the topics covered much more accessible to the average reader in this shortened format. 


For those looking to learn more about Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who he was, where he came from, and perhaps why he acted the way he did - this is the book you need to read.