The Story of Fr. George Kathrein eBook

Fr. Alphonsus Maria Krutsinger, C.SS.R.

SKU: EB8823  |  ISBN: 9781685290184

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"You will find here an uncommon life of a Redemptorist in the middle of the torment of Vatican II, the catastrophe of the 20th century. The damage it caused worldwide to souls, first the Catholic souls, then any soul ... is beyond any imagination .... Suddenly, the normal actions, the normal life turns into heroism. This example should give us joy and courage for our times." - Bishop Bernard Fellay, FSSPX, Foreword

The life of Fr. Kathrein is a reminder to all readers, especially newer generations who are too young to have experienced the spiritual abandonment that traditionalist Catholics went through during the years after Vatican II. It also serves as a reminder that the fight itself has not changed, even if the tactics have mutated with time and circumstances: our goal is to eradicate the neo-Modernist errors from the Catholic Church, and to restore the Church’s own unchanging and infallible Tradition to the hierarchy and to the faithful, who have been left spiritually poor and abandoned due to the erroneous teachings, poor catechesis, and liturgical anarchy of the past 60 years. Only Catholic Tradition can efficaciously give the life of God to souls for His glory and for their salvation and sanctification.  - from the Author’s Preface