The Twelve

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Journey through the Gospels with bestselling author E. Mary Christie as she weaves a narrative for each Apostle, chronicling the places in which they lived and the people and events that made up their lives before, during, and after Christ called them to be His chosen disciples.

We owe so much to the Twelve Apostles and their lives of heroic sanctity. Not only did these twelve men shape the Mass, and the Liturgy that surrounds it, but they gave us the Sacred Traditions of the Church which we still follow and keep as an essential part of our lives today.

This delightful little book is an easy read and is perfect for anyone who wishes to learn more about the men Christ chose to lead His Church and spread His Gospels.



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Wonderful book

This book was very informative, interesting and had descriptive facts. My family enjoyed the book. It was an easy read.

Marilyn Dalzell
The Twelve

Marilyn D (High River, AB)
In this narrative depicting the journey of 12 special men who answered the call of our Savior, Jesus Christ to pass on to us the truth of Eternal Life, has given the reader a more enhanced insight into their determination to win souls for Christ, sometimes at great cost to themselves. All their individual stories weaved together, shows us the power of God's grace, giving inspiration for future martyrs to follow in their footsteps. An excellent read, by E.Mary Christie, during lent & beyond to encourage us to stay the course until the end.

Philip Oderkirk
Learned Allot About the Apostles

Excellent insights into the Twelve Apostles and I really enjoyed reading this book. Also, found helpful the verses from the Douay-Rheims included and the feast day for each Saint noted at the top of the page in each respective chapter. Overall great spiritual reading and glad to have this book in my collection!

Carmen Wilson

E. Mary Christie's account of the Twelve Apostles is so Interesting & Captivating! Touring the Holy Gospel with the Twelve Disciples is such an easy, smooth, enjoyable read. A Truely Captivating Book filled with facts that inspires the imagination to bring you back to the time of Our Lord. Such a Fascinating in-depth look at the Apostles. I Highly Recommend this book to anyone interested in a good read!