The Young Man`s Guide

Seminary Press (St. Pius V)

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In this book by Fr. Lasance, he provides counsels, reflections and prayers for young Catholic men. This is a good source for young men on a variety of subjects, including: how to conquer sin and the occasions of sin; virtues needed to fight in the battle for salvation; choosing one's state in life; and guidance to various devotions for Mass, Confession and Holy Communion.

760 pp. Hardcover

Customer Reviews

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Stephan Williams
Very good book

The content is great - very helpful and beautifully written. The physical book itself is pretty good quality overall, except that sometimes the print is hard to read because it's a photographic reprint. Also, the pages are quite thin and there is some bleed through.


Excellent book!! Helped me a lot!

Yael Valdez
Must have for the boys!

The book itself is surprisingly small for its length. One of the pros is the excellent quality of the binding, makes it very sturdy. Love the additional prayers and devotionals at the end.

My only complaint is that in some pages the ink is somewhat faded.