Thought for the Day

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

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"What will this New Year be for us? 

God only knows, but by our desire for sanctification we can turn for help to Our Lord’s will to save our soul and all souls. How consoling it is to think that our everyday life can be transformed into numerous graces of sanctification and Redemption! So it was throughout the life of Our Lord and of the Virgin Mary."
                 —Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (January 3rd Feast of St. Genevieve)

This little collection of quotes, taken from the sermons and writings of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, assigns a short reading to every day of the year. It is a beautiful and simple way to practice daily recollection and elevate the mind to God. This new collection of the Archbishop’s words helps to develop the daily habits that can shape our eternal destiny.

"With the shepherds, we will go to that little Child, and despite His frail appearance we will believe in His divinity, confronting all those who, on the contrary, think of doing away with the Child as soon as He is born. Herod is already sending his troops to kill all the infant boys less than two years old, hoping that this future King will be among those children. Madman! He is opposing the One who comes to save him."
—Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (December 28th Feast of the Holy Innocents)

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