Ultimate Catholic Trivia

Angelus Press

SKU: 8813  |  ISBN: 9781949124958

Ultimate Catholic Trivia 

The not-so-trivial trivia game.

Keep Learning. Keep Growing. Keep the Faith. 

Ultimate Catholic Trivia is a compilation of over 1,700 questions divided into 12 categories covering the Catholic Faith and culture. As the ever growing distractions of the digital era continue to overwhelm daily life, traditional “offline” games that can be played with friends and family face-to-face are making a return. 

Ultimate Catholic Trivia
focuses on almost every facet of the Catholic Faith, including its traditions, doctrine, art, architecture, and other cultural components. This new trivia game provides more than a dry recitation of catechetical questions by focusing instead on a wide variety of Catholic topics which will inspire players to learn more about the Catholic Church and its role in culture over the past 2,000 years.

Durable box and instructions included. 

1,740 Questions