War Symposium Digital Download

Angelus Press


12 Engaging Lectures on the Topic of War

This incredible 12 lecture symposium was hosted this spring at Notre Dame de La Salette Academy. It outlines, in detail, what constitutes a Just War while offering an in-depth Catholic analysis on the topic of war itself - including supernatural warfare. Covering the Crusades, the Machabees, and extending to numerous battles of the modern era, discover what Church has to say, and what it means to be a true Catholic Soldier.  

A Catholic Perspective of War

In this political climate we, as Catholics, need to understand what the Church teaches on War and this symposium is the most interesting, enjoyable and informative way to do it!

This CD boxed-set also includes a debate on the Civil War that is sure to peak your interest and spark further conversation with family and friends. This debate is conducted in the full historical character of the Lincon-Douglas Debates and takes place as if the outcome of the war is unknown to the debators. Enjoy! 

Track List 
Track 1 – Introduction     Fr. Michael McMahon
Track 2 – Just War Theory     Dr. Brian McCall
Track 3 – The Machabees      Fr. Michael McMahon
Track 4 – The Crusades      Fr. Daniel Chavarria
Track 5 – The Military Orders      Mr. J. Marlow Gazzoli
Track 6 – Military Chaplains      Fr. Daniel Couture
Track 7 – The Art of Rhetoric and Debate      Dr. Brian McCall & Mr. Christopher Ferrara
Track 8 – North vs. South - The Civil War Debate      Dr. Brian McCall & Mr. Christopher Ferrara
Track 9 – World War I - Trenches and Poetry      Mr. Joshua Hayes
Track 10 – 1916 - The Easter Rising      Mr. Dominic O'Hart
Track 11 – Fatima and the World War      Mr. Christopher Ferrara
Track 12 – The Catholic Soldier      Fr. Michael McMahon