What Catholics Need To Know

Angelus Press

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Given in November 2004 by the Superior General of the SSPX about:

  • No bridge to Rome without pillars. Why no agreement
  • The blessing of the "excommunications"
  • Impostors pretending to defend the Faith
  • Rome, seat of the New Ecumenism of Cardinal Kasper
  • The destructive consequences of a new definition of "person"
  • How Christ and the Church are "dialogue"
  • Hope in Mary
  • How the wall against Catholic Tradition is crumbling
  • The "Triple Bankruptcy" of the Novus Ordo
  • Clerics favoring the SSPX
  • New confusions
  • The lessons of fallen Campos
  • Zoo-cage Catholicism
  • Applications of authentic obedience
  • Status of SSPX in Rome
  • Letters to Cardinal Hoyos
  • Other Latin Mass groups seek to excommunicate faithful at SSPX Masses.

20 pp.