Why Catholics Cannot Be Masons


SKU: 8320  |  ISBN: 9780895558817

Many good Catholic men have been deceived into becoming Masons. In this powerful little book written by a Catholic attorney and former 32nd degree Mason, John Salza clearly shows why joining Masonry (including the Shriners) means embracing a false religion. Explains Masonic doctrines, history, rituals, oaths and curses, showing that Masonry is totally incompatible with Christianity and the Catholic Faith. Answers:

- Who is the god of Freemasonry?
- How does Freemasonry view the Holy Bible?
- What are the self-curses of Freemasonry?
- Why does Freemasonry appear compatible with the Christian faith?
- What have the Popes said about Freemasonry?
- Are "Catholic Masons" excommunicated?
- How does a Catholic exit Freemasonry?

84 pages, Softcover

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