Why Must I Suffer?

Loreto Publications

SKU: 7082  |  ISBN: 1930278292

A Book of Light and Consolation

Whether it be due to our own over-indulgences in abusing the goods of this earth, our own countless transgressions against God's commandments, or the Providential designs of our Creator, we will have our lot of suffering in this life. There is no escaping that. The question is how to benefit from it individually unto our everlasting glory and happiness in heaven.

Fr. Remler provides fifteen reasons why we ought to embrace our trials and tribulations, be they physical or spiritual. Father addresses the effects of sin or the reliqua peccati - something that we tend to forget...and that not without consequence for our spiritual lives.

This magnificent analysis of suffering, as to its cause, its value, and its ultimate effect (i.e., conformity to Christ) will give us more strength to bear not only our own cross, but to willingly share in the suffering Jesus endured for all men by accepting, as joyful victims, crosses vicariously borne for sinners within our own family, for our wayward friends, for the crimes of our nation, and for those dear to us who are languishing in Purgatory.

96 pp. Softcover.