Why The New Rite Of Episcopal Cons Valid

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For years people have been suggesting that the new rite does not suffice to create bishops, and without bishops there are no priests or cardinals, and without cardinals...there is no Pope! From there it is a simple step to conclude that the Roman Church, but for the few bishops consecrated according to the old rite, is now without a hierarchy! From suggestion to affirmation, and restricted circles to the dining tables of traditional Catholics worldwide the question is being debated.

In this study by Fr. Pierre-Marie, O.P., a serious, complete, and cogent answer to the question has been prepared. Following the Thomistic method, he strongly states the case against the validity of the new rite...and then more strongly exposes the reasons for it. Includes exposition of the drafting of the new rite as told by the man in charge, Dom Bernard Botte, lengthy quotations from unpublished letters from official archives, and parallel comparisons of the new rite against the ancient Eastern rites that served as a basis for the new rite in the Western Church.

36pp. Both Parts I and 2 together in one handy publication.

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