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With his characteristic eloquence and brilliance, Bishop Fulton Sheen presents a moving portrayal of the Blessed Virgin Mary that combines deep spirituality with history, philosophy and theology. Mary's whole life is lovingly portrayed in this word portrait that is a never failing source of information, consolation and inspiration. While considering the different phases of Mary's life, Bishop Sheen discusses various problems common to mankind of every age and reveals clearly that every problem can be resolved by recourse to her. He emphasizes the unique dignity, strength and gifts of women and their ability to help heal the world's problems. Sheen stresses mankind's need of the Mother of God and her burning love for all her children. The great resurgence of devotion to Mary is God's way of emphasizing the value of every person (created in the image of God) against the false doctrines that have so confused the modern world, making the 20th century, arguably, the bloodiest in history. Beneath the deep spirituality of the book there is a firm foundation of history, philosophy and theology, the truths of which are presented clearly and logically. As always, Archbishop Sheen presents the great, complicated theses of all times in a simple lucid manner that all can understand.

A stimulating literary picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary ... an impressive scope of information.  - Newark News

A remarkable book by Sheen. Many rays of inspiration are to be gleaned from this thought-provoking work. - Philadelphia Inquirer

The whole treatment is based on a high key that reflects the author's deep reverence and devotion for the Blessed Virgin. - Chicago Sunday Tribune

276 pages, softcover

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