Your Mass and Your Life Deluxe Box Set

Angelus Press

SKU: 8779  |  ISBN: 9781949124477

Your Mass and Your Life is a deluxe box set ...

"Your Mass and Your Life" is a deluxe five-volume box set by Fr. Beaubien brought to you by Angelus Press. The purpose of the book is to provide an easy-to-read explanation of the Mass in its broad philosophical meaning as well as its finer details. Very few books have been produced for laymen that explain the Mass so completely. This is a truly important series for all those looking to broaden their understanding and the love of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. This five volume set is also an excellent tool for people coming to the Latin Mass for the first time! 

“If certain Catholics attend Mass only to avoid serious sin - if they have no love for the Mass - it is because they do not understand it.
-Fr. Beaubien. 

Explanations include: 

The Prayers of the Mass

The Organization and Structure of the Mass

The Rubrics of the Mass for The Priest, Servers, and Faithful 

The Significance of the Instruments Used

Step-by-Step Explanation of Each Part of the Mass

Why We Attend Mass

Also includes: Meditations, Prayers, and Reflections

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