Update on Flooding in Texas Chapels - Dickinson and Spring, TX

Update on Flooding in Texas Chapels - Dickinson and Spring, TX

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UPDATE Wednesday 8/30, 2pm CT:
Spring, TX chapel is dry. Waters have receded from Queen of Angels Church. We thank Divine Providence that the chapels have mostly been spared, but please know that the damage sustained at the Dickinson school and faithful's homes is still large. We are just starting to get word that deductibles will be overwhelming - we will update as we know more. In the meantime, the SSPX in Texas continues to rely on your generosity!

UPDATE Wednesday 8/30, 9:07am CT:
Noon Mass moved back to Queen of Angels church today! It seems the storm surge warning has moved to our East and outside of the bay. Now the cleanup and damage assessment begins...

UPDATE Monday 8/28, 7:11pm CT:
2 members of the Dickinson parish family have lost their lives. Requiescat in pace

UPDATE Monday 8/28, 5:20pm CT:
Fr. Kurtz sends along a video message as well as the following: "School will not start until further notice. There is no mass at the church, and the National Guard will not let you near."
Father's Video Update

Dickinson, TX was an early center of extreme flooding. They received 15-20 inches of rain from 10pm Saturday night to 6am Sunday morning, and rain continues to fall through Monday. 

Some water entered the school and bookstore, flooding the floors, carpets, and lower shelves. Thankfully, the church still remains dry with water coming inches from the floor level.

The faithful were not so fortunate. Fr Keiser's family was flooded very badly and had to evacuate to the church hall via boat, along with other families. There has also been great loss of life, including one of the faithful of the DIckinson parish, who drowned as he was attempting travel to Sunday Mass.

The U.S. District asks for prayers because the damage around Houston will be considerable, and rain is falling in the area still, possibly through Thursday. 

The Society is working to find out information about Corpus Christi, which is close to where the storm came ashore. While the SSPX doesn't have a physical church there, a number of faithful who attend Society chapels live in the area.

There was no apparent damage to the church in Spring, Texas, but this could change because the weather is generally worse in the northern part of the city right now. There is no word yet concerning the faithful there.

Please pray for all of this afflicted during this difficult time.

Donations Needed:

Please assist the school and the faithful with whatever financial support you could provide! The online link is below, or you can send a check with memo "Texas Flood":

United States of America District
Regina Coeli House
11485 N. Farley Road
Platte City, MO 64079

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