Courage to be Afraid

Fr. Marie-Dominique Molinie, O.P

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“Fr. Molinié brings us back to the essentials of the Gospel: the simplicity of following Christ and the grandeur of God’s plan for us. Every Catholic will find in this book clarity, rejuvenation, and wisdom.” —Fr. Alexander Wiseman, SSPX

The Courage to Be Afraid is remarkably different from other spiritual books. It is a tour de force that examines many aspects of the Christian life, yet always returning to a simple, powerful theme: we have to let God act. Fr. Molinié addresses himself to us, children of the modern world, in order to recall us forcefully to what never changes, no matter the state of things: the divine life is in us, and will transform us if we surrender to it. “God’s love is a consuming fire...”

Some of the themes in the book include:
Nature and grace
Combat between pride and humility
Development and stages of the spiritual life
Suffering and the Mystery of God

“If, in the face of this world whose values are crumbling, you look feverishly and anxiously for what must be done, you have not understood that God wants to be the only One who saves us: His glory is at stake. When we rely on action or on natural qualities, we attack the glory of God....This secret is the Trinitarian life, and to enter into it, we must live a life where we lose our footing... this is the whole savor of the mystical life.”

—Fr. Marie-Dominique Molinié, O.P.

Available for the first time English.

Softcover.  226pgs

Customer Reviews

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Nicholas Estrada
Turns everything on its head

This book has a way of taking the things that you learned in 4th grade about your Catholic Faith, then re-iterating them in such a way that it makes sense in the context of your actual life. I can say with confidence that this book was/is the instrument by which God completely changed my life.

The way the author describes and expounds upon the fundamental pillar of the spiritual life, humility, puts into practical context all the quotes from the Saints that you already knew.

Fr. William Kimball
Tolle, lege!

“The Courage to be Afraid is remarkably different from other spiritual books.” This can’t be more true!

The author helps us to “become as little children” as Our Lord desires - to be at peace with our weakness and let Christ save us, while at the same time to love and follow him with all the fierce intensity of a child.

I believe I marked this book up more than any other book I’ve read (except, perhaps, Marmion’s Union with God). I’m not sure how the author managed to continue to write with so much relevance for the entire length of the book! I would say there’s something there for everyone, no matter where they are in the spiritual life. Even for the scrupulous, there may be individual parts of the book that might be difficult, but if one takes into account the context, I believe it should be beneficial for them (follow your spiritual director, of course). What benefits we all receive when we let go and let God act!

There’s not much more I can say—besides that you should take up and read! It’s refreshing and so helpful to read a modern book on spirituality that is a far cry from being modernist. It certainly speaks to us and the psychological tendencies we have today, helping us to know ourselves—but at the same time feeding our souls with the solidity of Catholic doctrine.

Glad it's finally in English!

I read the French version. So happy it is now in English to reach more souls! Enjoy!