Practical Meditations

Society of Jesus

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Practical Meditations For Every Day of the Year - on the Life of Our Lord Christ

"The best meditation book I've ever found. Everyone I know who uses it says the same thing." - Fr. Nicholas Gardner

Originally printed in 1868 by an anonymous Jesuit priest, this book comes highly recommended by both clergy and laity alike. It includes spiritual reading and daily meditations for the liturgical year. Efficient and easy-to-use, Practical Meditations is not encumbered by long-winded or overly sentimental verbiage. Rather, these meditations are refreshing, sincere, powerful, and brief. Written with the betterment of souls in mind, each meditation is comprised of points and considerations on the Life of Christ, with constructive applications to daily life. Learn to live life in closer union with God by taking small but consistent steps each day to deepen your faith.

This book is a simple, straightforward way to transform your spiritual life through consistent, short, daily readings and meditations.

This beautifully bound book has a durable flexible cover with imitation leather grain and gold gilded pages and a black satin ribbon.

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Customer Reviews

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Thomas Wagner

This beautiful book speaks wisdom in a Ignatian way inspired by the Holy Spirit. Our minds are lifted and our hearts put rightly. Thus strengthen our love of God and give Him glory. Every Catholic should own this book while reading, and contemplating it…daily! Traditional and Nov Ordo Catholics will benefit from its use. Also, the ink and print is fabulous! God speed…now read! 😊

Integrated Catholic Woman
Very Practical

These meditations in the Ignatian Style are timeless and anchored in the reality of our mission as Christians- the suggested applications make for great daily resolutions.


This reader is rejoicing that I have obeyed His invitation, renouncing the world, including my children , for the sake of Jesus Christ. That’s today’s reading!
The binding is beautiful.

Mike Gorey
Great that its being published again, not so great that its incomplete

I was thrilled to see that the classic book by Fr. Bruno Vercruysse was being published again, having bought several copies of the hard to get used versions last published by Benzinger Brothers, I believe, in the 1950s. Unfortunately the publisher failed to include the affections and resolutions references at the ends of the points the author made when penning the book. These elements greatly improve the value of the meditations, guiding them as they do. Hopefully AngelusPress will republish future versions of the books where these won't be left out.


Needed these readings in my life.